Commit 0fa1d075 authored by Austin Seipp's avatar Austin Seipp
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testsuite: fix up T11223's Makefile

As reported by Simon on ghc-devs, this causes the build on Windows
to fail because it cannot find the `cc` command. The Makefile here
actually already sets `GCC=gcc`, but for some reason then uses both
`$(GCC)` and `$(CC)` to refer to C compilation.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>

Reviewed By: thomie

Differential Revision:
parent f99db383
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ include $(TOP)/mk/
# Testing RTS linker object resolution
.PHONY: t_11223_simple_link
......@@ -87,40 +87,40 @@ t_11223_link_order_b_a_2_succeed:
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_only_link_fail
$(RM) -f power_w1.o power.hi power.o
"$(GCC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o power_w1.o
"$(CC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o power_w1.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power.hs power_w1.o
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_only_link_succeed
$(RM) -f power_w2.o power3.hi power3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o power_w2.o
"$(CC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o power_w2.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power3.hs power_w2.o
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_both_link_order_a_b_succeed
$(RM) -f fast_power_w3.o slow_power_w3.o power3.hi power3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w3.o
"$(CC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w3.o
"$(CC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w3.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power3.hs fast_power_w3.o slow_power_w3.o
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_both_link_order_b_a_succeed
$(RM) -f fast_power_w4.o slow_power_w4.o power3.hi power3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w4.o
"$(GCC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w4.o
"$(CC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w4.o
"$(CC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w4.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power3.hs slow_power_w4.o fast_power_w4.o
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_single_link_order_a_b_succeed
$(RM) -f fast_power_w5.o slow_power_w5.o power3.hi power3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power_slow.c -o slow_power_w5.o
"$(GCC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w5.o
"$(CC)" -c power_slow.c -o slow_power_w5.o
"$(CC)" -c power.c -DWEAK -o fast_power_w5.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power3.hs fast_power_w5.o slow_power_w5.o
.PHONY: t_11223_weak_single_link_order_b_a_succeed
$(RM) -f fast_power_w6.o slow_power_w6.o power3.hi power3.o
"$(GCC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w6.o
"$(GCC)" -c power.c -o fast_power_w6.o
"$(CC)" -c power_slow.c -DWEAK -o slow_power_w6.o
"$(CC)" -c power.c -o fast_power_w6.o
echo main | "$(TEST_HC)" --interactive -v0 $(filter-out -rtsopts, $(TEST_HC_OPTS)) -ignore-dot-ghci power3.hs slow_power_w6.o fast_power_w6.o
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