Commit 219fbecc authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2000-07-07 10:35:32 by simonmar]

Remove the cast from CMacroExprs - it doesn't appear to be needed.
This fixes the recently introduced bug when compiling CCS_HDR macros
in profiling code.
parent c01c4779
......@@ -1148,8 +1148,7 @@ ppr_amode (CJoinPoint _)
= panic "ppr_amode: CJoinPoint"
ppr_amode (CMacroExpr pk macro as)
= parens (pprPrimKind pk) <>
parens (ptext (cExprMacroText macro) <>
= parens (ptext (cExprMacroText macro) <>
parens (hcat (punctuate comma (map pprAmode as))))
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