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document 'recache' command in the help output (#3684)

parent 46c673a7
......@@ -236,6 +236,13 @@ usageHeader prog = substProg prog $
" by tools that parse the results, rather than humans. The output is\n" ++
" always encoded in UTF-8, regardless of the current locale.\n" ++
"\n" ++
" $p recache\n" ++
" Regenerate the package database cache. This command should only be\n" ++
" necessary if you added a package to the database by dropping a file\n" ++
" into the database directory manually. By default, the global DB\n" ++
" is recached; to recache a different DB use --user or --package-conf\n" ++
" as appropriate.\n" ++
"\n" ++
" Substring matching is supported for {module} in find-module and\n" ++
" for {pkg} in list, describe, and field, where a '*' indicates\n" ++
" open substring ends (prefix*, *suffix, *infix*).\n" ++
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