Commit 525ada5a authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

Remove pprTrace from Richard

parent 5028a37e
......@@ -815,9 +815,7 @@ mkTyVarEqErr dflags ctxt extra ct oriented tv1 ty2
-- be oriented the other way round;
-- see TcCanonical.canEqTyVarTyVar
|| isSigTyVar tv1 && not (isTyVarTy ty2)
|| pprTrace "RAE1" (ppr ct $$ ppr tv1 $$ ppr ty2 $$
ppr (isTyVarUnderDatatype tv1 ty2))
(ctEqRel ct == ReprEq && not (isTyVarUnderDatatype tv1 ty2))
|| ctEqRel ct == ReprEq && not (isTyVarUnderDatatype tv1 ty2)
-- the cases below don't really apply to ReprEq (except occurs check)
= mkErrorMsg ctxt ct (vcat [ misMatchOrCND ctxt ct oriented ty1 ty2
, extraTyVarInfo ctxt tv1 ty2
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