Commit 59300a71 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Tweak alternative layout rule

parent d8b99b7e
......@@ -2002,9 +2002,9 @@ alternativeLayoutRuleToken t
return (L thisLoc ITocurly)
| otherwise ->
do setAlrExpectingOCurly Nothing
setPendingImplicitTokens [L thisLoc ITccurly]
setPendingImplicitTokens [L lastLoc ITccurly]
setNextToken t
return (L thisLoc ITocurly)
return (L lastLoc ITocurly)
(_, _, Just expectingOCurly) ->
do setAlrExpectingOCurly Nothing
setALRContext (ALRLayout expectingOCurly thisCol : context)
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