Commit 648718b0 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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If HADDOCK_DOCS is YES, then fail the build early if we couldn't find haddock

This fixes trac #2266.
parent 1aaf9dc3
......@@ -74,6 +74,17 @@ endif
SUBDIRS = gmp libffi includes utils driver docs rts libraries compiler libraries/Cabal/doc
check-all: check-tools check-packages
ifeq "$(HADDOCK_DOCS)" "YES"
ifeq "$(HADDOCK)" ""
echo "Couldn't find haddock" >&2
exit 1
# Sanity check that all the boot libraries are in the tree, to catch
# failure to run darcs-all.
check-packages :
......@@ -97,7 +108,7 @@ GCC_LIB_DEP = stamp.inplace-gcc-lib
stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-all
$(MAKE) -C libraries boot
$(MAKE) -C gmp all
$(MAKE) -C libffi all
......@@ -128,12 +139,12 @@ stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
# an example. Thus, we explicitly build a second version with the stage 1
# compiler of all utils that get installed and of all extra support binaries
# includes in binary dists.
stage2 : check-packages
stage2 : check-all
$(MAKE) -C compiler boot stage=2
$(MAKE) -C compiler stage=2
stage3 : check-packages
stage3 : check-all
$(MAKE) -C compiler boot stage=3
$(MAKE) -C compiler stage=3
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