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Fix Trac #5028: zap occ info when doing the binder swap

This fixes the Lint error, but still risks leaving stupid
let { x=y } bindings in the code.  But no time to fix that 
today.  (Leave the ticket open for that reason.)
parent 17bfe098
......@@ -1352,9 +1352,11 @@ extendFvs env s
data ProxyEnv
= PE (IdEnv (Id, [(Id,CoercionI)])) VarSet
-- Main env, and its free variables (of both range and domain)
data ProxyEnv -- See Note [ProxyEnv]
= PE (IdEnv -- Domain = scrutinee variables
(Id, -- The scrutinee variable again
[(Id,CoercionI)])) -- The case binders that it maps to
VarSet -- Free variables of both range and domain
Note [ProxyEnv]
......@@ -1497,6 +1499,17 @@ From this we want to extract the bindings
Notice that later bindings may mention earlier ones, and that
we need to go "both ways".
Note [Zap case binders in proxy bindings]
From the original
case x of cb(dead) { p -> ...x... }
we will get
case x of cb(live) { p -> let x = cb in ...x... }
Core Lint never expects to find an *occurence* of an Id marked
as Dead, so we must zap the OccInfo on cb before making the
binding x = cb. See Trac #5028.
Historical note [no-case-of-case]
We *used* to suppress the binder-swap in case expressions when
......@@ -1569,7 +1582,8 @@ extendProxyEnv pe scrut co case_bndr
| otherwise = PE env2 fvs2 -- don't extend
PE env1 fvs1 = trimProxyEnv pe [case_bndr]
env2 = extendVarEnv_Acc add single env1 scrut1 (case_bndr,co)
zapped_case_bndr = zapIdOccInfo case_bndr -- See Note [Zap case binders in proxy bindings]
env2 = extendVarEnv_Acc add single env1 scrut1 (zapped_case_bndr,co)
single cb_co = (scrut1, [cb_co])
add cb_co (x, cb_cos) = (x, cb_co:cb_cos)
fvs2 = fvs1 `unionVarSet` freeVarsCoI co
......@@ -1580,10 +1594,11 @@ extendProxyEnv pe scrut co case_bndr
-- Localise the scrut_var before shadowing it; we're making a
-- new binding for it, and it might have an External Name, or
-- even be a GlobalId; Note [Binder swap on GlobalId scrutinees]
-- Also we don't want any INLILNE or NOINLINE pragmas!
-- Also we don't want any INLINE or NOINLINE pragmas!
type ProxyBind = (Id, Id, CoercionI)
-- (scrut variable, case-binder variable, coercion)
getProxies :: OccEnv -> Id -> Bag ProxyBind
-- Return a bunch of bindings [...(xi,ei)...]
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