Commit 7e208242 authored by Madeline Haraj's avatar Madeline Haraj Committed by Madeline Haraj

Take some code from master after rebase

parent 65176c23
......@@ -938,9 +938,7 @@ tcDataFamInstHeader mb_clsinfo fam_tc imp_vars mb_bndrs fixity
= do { sig_kind <- tcLHsKindSig data_ctxt hs_kind
; let (tvs, inner_kind) = tcSplitForAllTys sig_kind
; lvl <- getTcLevel
; (subst, _tvs') <- mapAccumLM
(freshenTyCoVarX $ newSkolemTyVarLvlOverlappable lvl False)
emptyTCvSubst tvs
; (subst, _tvs') <- tcInstSkolTyVarsAt lvl False emptyTCvSubst tvs
-- Perhaps surprisingly, we don't need the skolemised tvs themselves
; return (substTy subst inner_kind) }
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