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Release notes for version 8.0.2
The significant changes to the various parts of the compiler are listed in the
following sections. There have also been numerous bug fixes and performance
improvements over the 8.0.1 release.
.. warning::
Only Cabal versions 1.24 and newer will function properly with this release.
(see :ghc-ticket:`11558`). Consequently it will likely be necessary to
recompile ``cabal-install`` before installing new packages.
The reason for this is a change in how packages are identified in GHC
8.0. While previous versions of Cabal identified packages to GHC with a
package key (with GHC's :ghc-flag:`-this-package-key` argument), GHC 8.0 and
later uses installed package IDs in place of package keys.
.. note::
Users compiling GHC on Mac OS X with XCode 7.3 will need to tell the build
system to use the ``nm-classic`` command instead of Apple's new ``nm``
implementation as the latter breaks POSIX compliance (see
:ghc-ticket:`11744`). This can be done by passing something like
``--with-nm=$(xcrun --find nm-classic)`` to ``configure``.
The highlights, since the 8.0.1 release, are:
- Compatibility fixes with macOS Sierra and recent Linux distributions.
- Many, many bug fixes.
- A bug has been fixed that caused standalone derived ``Ix`` instances to fail
for GADTs with exactly one constructor (:ghc-ticket:`12583`).
- Interface files produced by GHC should now be deterministic.
Full details
- A bug has been fixed that caused derived ``Show`` instances to fail in the
presence of :ghc-flag:`-XRebindableSyntax` and
:ghc-flag:`-XOverloadedStrings` (:ghc-ticket:`12688`).
......@@ -49,15 +74,31 @@ Language
- A compiler bug present in 8.0.1 resulting in undefined reference errors while
compiling some packages has been fixed. (see :ghc-ticket:`12076`).
- A code generator bug which resulted in segmentation faults in compiled
programs has been fixed (see :ghc-ticket:`12757`).
- GHC now supports systems whose C compiler which produce position-independent
executables by default. (see :ghc-ticket:`12579`).
- GHC can now be built on systems which use the ``gold`` linker by default
(see :ghc-ticket:`12816`).
- GHC now reliably runs on macOS Sierra systems. Sierra introduced a linker
limitation which GHC occassionally surpassed when compiling programs with
many package dependencies. (see :ghc-ticket:`12479`).
- The :ghc-flag:`-Wredundant-constraints` flag has been removed from the
:ghc-flag:`-Wall` flag set (see :ghc-ticket:`10635`).
- Added :ghc-flag:`-fdefer-out-of-scope-variables`, which converts variable
out of scope variables errors into warnings.
- The RTS :ghc-flag: `-xb` now reads the base heap address in any base,
defaulting to decimal, hexadecimal if the address starts with `0x`, and
octal if the address starts with `0`.
- The RTS :ghc-flag:`-xb` now reads the base heap address in any base,
defaulting to decimal, hexadecimal if the address starts with ``0x``, and
octal if the address starts with ``0``.
- Due to an oversight in GHC 8.0.1, the value of the preprocessor macro
``__GLASGOW_HASKELL_LLVM__``, which exposes the LLVM version used by GHC, was
......@@ -65,6 +106,16 @@ Compiler
formatting is changed to be in line with ``__GLASGOW_HASKELL__``
- Parallel programs should be significantly more reliable on platforms with weak
memory consistency guarantees (:ghc-ticket:`12469`)
- Interface files should now be bit-wise identical for a given build.
- Nearly two-hundred more bugs. See `Trac
for a complete list.
Runtime system
......@@ -75,11 +126,25 @@ Runtime system
`MSDN <>`_ . This should now introduce the same behavior
both compiled and interpreted. (see :ghc-ticket:`12497`).
- Profiles from the cost-center profiler now provide source span information.
(see :ghc-ticket:`11543`).
- The number of threads used for garbage collection is now configurable
independently from the number of capabilities with the new :ghc-flag:`-qn`
- The runtime system should now wake-up less often with large capability counts
- The runtime system is now a more efficient in handling programs with many
bound threads. (:ghc-ticket:`12419`)
- A number of runtime system bugs which could result in crashes (see
:ghc-ticket:`12728`, :ghc-ticket:`10860`, :ghc-ticket:`12019`,
:ghc-ticket:`11978`, :ghc-ticket:`12038`, :ghc-ticket:`12208`)
Template Haskell
- ``addModFinalizer`` now exposes the local typing environment at the splice
point. This allows ``reify`` to see local and top-level definitions in the
current declaration group when used as in
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