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Comments only, esp about RecStmts

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......@@ -857,12 +857,9 @@ data StmtLR idL idR
, recS_rec_ids :: [idR] -- Ditto, but these variables are the "recursive" ones,
-- that are used before they are bound in the stmts of
-- the RecStmt.
-- An Id can be in both groups
-- Both sets of Ids are (now) treated monomorphically
-- The only reason they are separate is becuase the DsArrows
-- code uses them separately, and I don't understand it well
-- enough to change it
-- See Note [How RecStmt works] for why they are separate
-- Rebindable syntax
, recS_bind_fn :: SyntaxExpr idR -- The bind function
......@@ -912,25 +909,30 @@ Array comprehensions are handled like list comprehensions -=chak
Note [How RecStmt works]
HsDo [ BindStmt x ex
HsDo [ BindStmt x ex
, RecStmt [a::forall a. a -> a, b]
[a::Int -> Int, c]
[ BindStmt b (return x)
, LetStmt a = ea
, BindStmt c ec ]
, RecStmt { recS_rec_ids = [a, c]
, recS_stmts = [ BindStmt b (return (a,c))
, LetStmt a = ...b...
, BindStmt c ec ]
, recS_later_ids = [a, b]
, return (a b) ]
, return (a b) ]
Here, the RecStmt binds a,b,c; but
- Only a,b are used in the stmts *following* the RecStmt,
This 'a' is *polymorphic'
- Only a,c are used in the stmts *inside* the RecStmt
*before* their bindings
This 'a' is monomorphic
Nota Bene: the two a's have different types, even though they
have the same Name.
Why do we need *both* rec_ids and later_ids? For monads they could be
combined into a single set of variables, but not for arrows. That
follows from the types of the respective feedback operators:
mfix :: MonadFix m => (a -> m a) -> m a
loop :: ArrowLoop a => a (b,d) (c,d) -> a b c
* For mfix, the 'a' covers the union of the later_ids and the rec_ids
* For 'loop', 'c' is the later_ids and 'd' is the rec_ids
Note [Typing a RecStmt]
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ The only reason this is monadised is for the unique supply.
Note [Don't w/w inline things (a)]
It's very important to refrain from w/w-ing an INLINE function
because the wrapepr will then overwrite the InlineRule unfolding.
because the wrapper will then overwrite the InlineRule unfolding.
It was wrong with the old InlineMe Note too: if we do so by mistake
we transform
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