Commit 90589a94 authored by Andrew Martin's avatar Andrew Martin Committed by Ben Gamari
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document the plan for removing Data.Semigroup.Option

parent e34e30e4
......@@ -455,7 +455,12 @@ mtimesDefault n x
-- underlying 'Monoid'.
-- Ideally, this type would not exist at all and we would just fix the
-- 'Monoid' instance of 'Maybe'
-- 'Monoid' instance of 'Maybe'.
-- In GHC 8.4 and higher, the 'Monoid' instance for 'Maybe' has been
-- corrected to lift a 'Semigroup' instance instead of a 'Monoid'
-- instance. Consequently, this type is no longer useful. It will be
-- marked deprecated in GHC 8.8 and removed in GHC 8.10.
newtype Option a = Option { getOption :: Maybe a }
deriving ( Eq -- ^ @since
, Ord -- ^ @since
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