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document :source command for GHCi, point to Haskell wiki

	as discussed in this thread:
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......@@ -2667,6 +2667,22 @@ Prelude> :set -fno-glasgow-exts
<literal>:set</literal> like this. The changes won't take effect
until the next <literal>:load</literal>, though.)</para>
<para>Once you have a library of GHCi macros, you may want
to source them from separate files, or you may want to source
your <filename>.ghci</filename> file into your running GHCi
session while debugging it</para>
:def source readFile
<para>With this macro defined in your <filename>.ghci</filename>
file, you can use <literal>:source file</literal> to read GHCi
commands from <literal>file</literal>. You can find (and contribute!-)
other suggestions for <filename>.ghci</filename> files on this Haskell
wiki page: <ulink
<para>Two command-line options control whether the
startup files files are read:</para>
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