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Document a Haddock/Mavericks bug.

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<title>Known bugs</title>
On OS X Mavericks, when using Clang as the C
preprocessor, Haddock has a bug that causes it to fail
to generate documentation, with an error similar to
the following:
&lt;no location info&gt;:
module 'xhtml-3000.2.1:Main' is defined in multiple files: dist-bindist/build/tmp-72252/Text/XHtml.hs
This only affects certain packages. This is due to a
bad interaction with Clang, which we hope to resolve
Note that when using <literal>cabal-install</literal>,
this only effects the package documentation, not
installation or building.
On OS X 10.7 and beyond, with default build settings,
the runtime system currently suffers from a fairly
large (30%) performance regression in the parallel
garbage collector when using
<literal>-threaded</literal> impacting its thoroughput
and overall scalability.
large (approx. 30%) performance regression in the
parallel garbage collector when using
This is due to the fact that the OS X 10.7+ toolchain
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