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Fix Trac #2506: infix assert

parent 9ecd4031
......@@ -102,17 +102,20 @@ rnLExpr = wrapLocFstM rnExpr
rnExpr :: HsExpr RdrName -> RnM (HsExpr Name, FreeVars)
finishHsVar :: Name -> RnM (HsExpr Name, FreeVars)
-- Separated from rnExpr because it's also used
-- when renaming infix expressions
-- See Note [Adding the implicit parameter to 'assert']
finishHsVar name
= do { ignore_asserts <- doptM Opt_IgnoreAsserts
; if ignore_asserts || not (name `hasKey` assertIdKey)
then return (HsVar name, unitFV name)
else do { e <- mkAssertErrorExpr
; return (e, unitFV name) } }
rnExpr (HsVar v)
= do name <- lookupOccRn v
ignore_asserts <- doptM Opt_IgnoreAsserts
finish_var ignore_asserts name
finish_var ignore_asserts name
| ignore_asserts || not (name `hasKey` assertIdKey)
= return (HsVar name, unitFV name)
| otherwise
= do { (e, fvs) <- mkAssertErrorExpr
; return (e, fvs `addOneFV` name) }
= do name <- lookupOccRn v
finishHsVar name
rnExpr (HsIPVar v)
= newIPNameRn v `thenM` \ name ->
......@@ -141,21 +144,21 @@ rnExpr (HsApp fun arg)
rnLExpr arg `thenM` \ (arg',fvArg) ->
returnM (HsApp fun' arg', fvFun `plusFV` fvArg)
rnExpr (OpApp e1 op _ e2)
= rnLExpr e1 `thenM` \ (e1', fv_e1) ->
rnLExpr e2 `thenM` \ (e2', fv_e2) ->
rnLExpr op `thenM` \ (op'@(L _ (HsVar op_name)), fv_op) ->
rnExpr (OpApp e1 (L op_loc (HsVar op_rdr)) _ e2)
= do { (e1', fv_e1) <- rnLExpr e1
; (e2', fv_e2) <- rnLExpr e2
; op_name <- setSrcSpan op_loc (lookupOccRn op_rdr)
; (op', fv_op) <- finishHsVar op_name
-- NB: op' is usually just a variable, but might be
-- an applicatoin (assert "Foo.hs:47")
-- Deal with fixity
-- When renaming code synthesised from "deriving" declarations
-- we used to avoid fixity stuff, but we can't easily tell any
-- more, so I've removed the test. Adding HsPars in TcGenDeriv
-- should prevent bad things happening.
lookupFixityRn op_name `thenM` \ fixity ->
mkOpAppRn e1' op' fixity e2' `thenM` \ final_e ->
returnM (final_e,
fv_e1 `plusFV` fv_op `plusFV` fv_e2)
; fixity <- lookupFixityRn op_name
; final_e <- mkOpAppRn e1' (L op_loc op') fixity e2'
; return (final_e, fv_e1 `plusFV` fv_op `plusFV` fv_e2) }
rnExpr (NegApp e _)
= rnLExpr e `thenM` \ (e', fv_e) ->
......@@ -1131,17 +1134,24 @@ segsToStmts ((defs, uses, fwds, ss) : segs) fvs_later
srcSpanPrimLit :: SrcSpan -> HsExpr Name
srcSpanPrimLit span = HsLit (HsStringPrim (mkFastString (showSDoc (ppr span))))
mkAssertErrorExpr :: RnM (HsExpr Name, FreeVars)
mkAssertErrorExpr :: RnM (HsExpr Name)
-- Return an expression for (assertError "Foo.hs:27")
= getSrcSpanM `thenM` \ sloc ->
expr = HsApp (L sloc (HsVar assertErrorName))
(L sloc (srcSpanPrimLit sloc))
returnM (expr, emptyFVs)
return (HsApp (L sloc (HsVar assertErrorName))
(L sloc (srcSpanPrimLit sloc)))
Note [Adding the implicit parameter to 'assert']
The renamer transforms (assert e1 e2) to (assert "Foo.hs:27" e1 e2).
By doing this in the renamer we allow the typechecker to just see the
expanded application and do the right thing. But it's not really
the Right Thing because there's no way to "undo" if you want to see
the original source code. We'll have fix this in due course, when
we care more about being able to reconstruct the exact original
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