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Implement the state hack without modifiyng OneShotInfo

Previously, the state hack would be implemented in mkLocalId, by looking
at the type, and setting the OneShot flag accordingly.

This patch changes this so that the OneShot flag faithfully represents
what our various analyses found out, and the State Hack is implemented
by adjusting the accessors, in particular isOneShotBndr and
idStateHackOneShotInfo. This makes it easier to understand what's going
on in the analyses, and de-clutters core dumps and interface files.

I don’t expect any change in behaviour, at least not in non-fringe
parent f13a8d21
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ module Id (
idInlineActivation, setInlineActivation, idRuleMatchInfo,
-- ** One-shot lambdas
isOneShotBndr, isOneShotLambda, isProbablyOneShotLambda,
isOneShotBndr, isProbablyOneShotLambda,
setOneShotLambda, clearOneShotLambda,
updOneShotInfo, setIdOneShotInfo,
isStateHackType, stateHackOneShot, typeOneShot,
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ module Id (
idUnfolding, realIdUnfolding,
idSpecialisation, idCoreRules, idHasRules,
idOneShotInfo, idStateHackOneShotInfo,
-- ** Writing 'IdInfo' fields
......@@ -250,8 +250,7 @@ mkVanillaGlobalWithInfo = mkGlobalId VanillaId
-- | For an explanation of global vs. local 'Id's, see "Var#globalvslocal"
mkLocalId :: Name -> Type -> Id
mkLocalId name ty = mkLocalIdWithInfo name ty
(vanillaIdInfo `setOneShotInfo` typeOneShot ty)
mkLocalId name ty = mkLocalIdWithInfo name ty vanillaIdInfo
-- It's tempting to ASSERT( not (isCoercionType ty) ), but don't. Sometimes,
-- the type is a panic. (Search invented_id)
......@@ -259,7 +258,7 @@ mkLocalId name ty = mkLocalIdWithInfo name ty
mkLocalCoVar :: Name -> Type -> CoVar
mkLocalCoVar name ty
= ASSERT( isCoercionType ty )
Var.mkLocalVar CoVarId name ty (vanillaIdInfo `setOneShotInfo` typeOneShot ty)
Var.mkLocalVar CoVarId name ty vanillaIdInfo
-- | Like 'mkLocalId', but checks the type to see if it should make a covar
mkLocalIdOrCoVar :: Name -> Type -> Id
......@@ -687,14 +686,23 @@ isConLikeId id = isDataConWorkId id || isConLike (idRuleMatchInfo id)
idOneShotInfo :: Id -> OneShotInfo
idOneShotInfo id = oneShotInfo (idInfo id)
-- | Like 'idOneShotInfo', but taking the Horrible State Hack in to account
-- See Note [The state-transformer hack] in CoreArity
idStateHackOneShotInfo :: Id -> OneShotInfo
idStateHackOneShotInfo id
| isStateHackType (idType id) = stateHackOneShot
| otherwise = idOneShotInfo id
-- | Returns whether the lambda associated with the 'Id' is certainly applied at most once
-- This one is the "business end", called externally.
-- It works on type variables as well as Ids, returning True
-- Its main purpose is to encapsulate the Horrible State Hack
-- See Note [The state-transformer hack] in CoreArity
isOneShotBndr :: Var -> Bool
isOneShotBndr var
| isTyVar var = True
| otherwise = isOneShotLambda var
| isTyVar var = True
| OneShotLam <- idStateHackOneShotInfo var = True
| otherwise = False
-- | Should we apply the state hack to values of this 'Type'?
stateHackOneShot :: OneShotInfo
......@@ -731,16 +739,8 @@ isStateHackType ty
-- Another good example is in fill_in in PrelPack.hs. We should be able to
-- spot that fill_in has arity 2 (and when Keith is done, we will) but we can't yet.
-- | Returns whether the lambda associated with the 'Id' is certainly applied at most once.
-- You probably want to use 'isOneShotBndr' instead
isOneShotLambda :: Id -> Bool
isOneShotLambda id = case idOneShotInfo id of
OneShotLam -> True
_ -> False
isProbablyOneShotLambda :: Id -> Bool
isProbablyOneShotLambda id = case idOneShotInfo id of
isProbablyOneShotLambda id = case idStateHackOneShotInfo id of
OneShotLam -> True
ProbOneShot -> True
NoOneShotInfo -> False
......@@ -633,7 +633,7 @@ when saturated" so we don't want to be too gung-ho about saturating!
arityLam :: Id -> ArityType -> ArityType
arityLam id (ATop as) = ATop (idOneShotInfo id : as)
arityLam id (ATop as) = ATop (idStateHackOneShotInfo id : as)
arityLam _ (ABot n) = ABot (n+1)
floatIn :: Bool -> ArityType -> ArityType
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