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document new --auto-ghci-libs option.
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......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
<para>The Haskell code in a package may be built into one or
more Unix libraries (e.g. <filename>libHSfoo.a</filename>),
more archive libraries (e.g. <filename>libHSfoo.a</filename>),
or a single DLL on Windows
(e.g. <filename>HSfoo.dll</filename>). The restriction to a
single DLL on Windows is that the package system is used to
......@@ -120,15 +120,14 @@
<para>Versions of the Haskell libraries for use with GHCi
may also be included: GHCi cannot load <literal>.a</literal>
files directly, instead it will look for an object file
called <filename>HSfoo.o</filename> (the object suffix
varies between platforms, as usual) and load that. An
object file can be built from a <literal>.a</literal>
archive as follows (using GNU <command>ld</command> on
ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a
called <filename>HSfoo.o</filename> and load that. The
<literal>ghc-pkg</literal> tool can automatically build the
GHCi version of each library, see <xref
linkend="package-management">. To build these libraries by
hand from the <literal>.a</literal> archive, it is possible
to use GNU <command>ld</command> as follows:</para>
<screen>ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a</screen>
......@@ -200,6 +199,28 @@ ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a
<para>Automatically generate the GHCi
<filename>.o</filename> version of each
<filename>.a</filename> Haskell library, using GNU ld (if
that is available). Without this option,
<literal>ghc-pkg</literal> will warn if GHCi versions of
any Haskell libraries in the package don't exist.</para>
<para>GHCi <literal>.o</literal> libraries don't
necessarily have to live in the same directory as the
corresponding <literal>.a</literal> library. However,
this option will cause the GHCi library to be created in
the same directory as the <literal>.a</literal>
<term><option>--config-file <replaceable>file</replaceable></option></term>
<term><option>-f <replaceable>file</replaceable></option></term>
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