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[project @ 2000-06-14 11:42:23 by rrt]

InstallShield setup added as a zip (because of spaces in file and directory
names). README explains the mess.

This is mostly for backup purposes.
parent 90bf4766
This is the InstallShield setup for GHC; it can be used as a model for other
IS setups. I've put it in a zip file because CVS doesn't like file names and
directory names with spaces in.
1. This IS setup is for the free (ha!) version of IS, such as the one that
comes with MS Visual Studio. The GHC team is hoping to get hold of the full
version, so we might well update this setup in the future to be simpler and
better, but also not usable with the cut-down IS any more.
2. This directory is liable to change/expansion/removal as we get IS
projects for all the major fptools bits together and add them to the
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