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base: Improve docs to clarify when finalizers may not be run

parent 927e7810
......@@ -67,6 +67,10 @@ module System.Mem.Weak (
-- * A precise semantics
-- $precise
-- * Implementation notes
-- $notes
) where
import GHC.Weak
......@@ -140,3 +144,25 @@ A heap object is /reachable/ if:
* It is the value or finalizer of a weak pointer object whose key is reachable.
{- $notes
A finalizer is not always called after its weak pointer\'s object becomes
unreachable. There are two situations that can cause this:
* If the object becomes unreachable right before the program exits,
then GC may not be performed. Finalizers run during GC, so finalizers
associated with the object do not run if GC does not happen.
* If a finalizer throws an exception, subsequent finalizers that had
been queued to run after it do not get run. This behavior may change
in a future release. See issue < 13167>
on the issue tracker. Writing a finalizer that throws exceptions is
Other than these two caveats, users can always expect that a finalizer
will be run after its weak pointer\'s object becomes unreachable. However,
the second caveat means that users need to trust that all of their
transitive dependencies do not throw exceptions in finalizers, since
any finalizers can end up queued together.
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