Commit b3ee146e authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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FIX #1736, and probably #2169, #2240

appendStringBuffer was completely bogus - the arguments to copyArray
were the wrong way around, which meant that corruption was very likely
to occur by overwriting the end of the buffer in the first argument.

This definitely fixes #1736.  The other two bugs, #2169 and #2240 are
harder to reproduce, but we can see how they could occur: in the case
of #2169, the options parser is seeing the contents of an old buffer,
and in the case of #2240, appendStringBuffer is corrupting an
interface file in memory, since strng buffers and interface files are
both allocated in the pinned region of memory.
parent a8cd39e4
......@@ -125,12 +125,14 @@ appendStringBuffers sb1 sb2
withForeignPtr newBuf $ \ptr ->
withForeignPtr (buf sb1) $ \sb1Ptr ->
withForeignPtr (buf sb2) $ \sb2Ptr ->
do copyArray (sb1Ptr `advancePtr` cur sb1) ptr (calcLen sb1)
copyArray (sb2Ptr `advancePtr` cur sb2) (ptr `advancePtr` cur sb1) (calcLen sb2)
do copyArray ptr (sb1Ptr `advancePtr` cur sb1) sb1_len
copyArray (ptr `advancePtr` sb1_len) (sb2Ptr `advancePtr` cur sb2) sb2_len
pokeArray (ptr `advancePtr` size) [0,0,0]
return (StringBuffer newBuf size 0)
where calcLen sb = len sb - cur sb
size = calcLen sb1 + calcLen sb2
where sb1_len = calcLen sb1
sb2_len = calcLen sb2
calcLen sb = len sb - cur sb
size = sb1_len + sb2_len
stringToStringBuffer :: String -> IO StringBuffer
stringToStringBuffer str = do
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