Commit d37352ea authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

rts/NonMovingSweep: Fix locking of new mutable list allocation

Previously we used allocBlockOnNode_sync in nonmovingSweepMutLists
despite the fact that we aren't in the GC and therefore the allocation
spinlock isn't in use. This meant that sweep would end up spinning until
the next minor GC, when the SM lock was moved away from the SM_MUTEX to
the spinlock. This isn't a correctness issue but it sure isn't good for

Found thanks for Ward.

Fixes #17539.

(cherry picked from commit af247ff861702869843e0d7d9a6b3523135734bb)
parent c5d2bab5
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ void nonmovingSweepMutLists()
for (uint32_t n = 0; n < n_capabilities; n++) {
Capability *cap = capabilities[n];
bdescr *old_mut_list = cap->mut_lists[oldest_gen->no];
cap->mut_lists[oldest_gen->no] = allocBlockOnNode_sync(cap->node);
cap->mut_lists[oldest_gen->no] = allocBlockOnNode_lock(cap->node);
for (bdescr *bd = old_mut_list; bd; bd = bd->link) {
for (StgPtr p = bd->start; p < bd->free; p++) {
StgClosure **q = (StgClosure**)p;
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