Commit d9903544 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Improve the runRW magic in CorePrep

Instead of substituting, just augment the environment.
Less code, more efficient.

And the previous version had a bogus in-scope set which
triggered a WARNING
parent 6ec236b5
......@@ -516,15 +516,11 @@ cpeRhsE env (Var f `App` _{-type-} `App` arg)
| f `hasKey` lazyIdKey -- Replace (lazy a) by a
= cpeRhsE env arg -- See Note [lazyId magic] in MkId
cpeRhsE env (Var f `App` _{-levity-} `App` _{-type-} `App` arg)
cpeRhsE env (Var f `App` _levity `App` _type `App` arg)
-- See Note [runRW magic] in MkId
| f `hasKey` runRWKey -- Replace (runRW# f) by (f realWorld#),
= case arg of -- beta reducing if possible
Lam s body -> cpeRhsE env (substExpr (text "runRW#") subst body)
where subst = extendIdSubst emptySubst s (Var realWorldPrimId)
-- XXX I think we can use emptySubst here
-- because realWorldPrimId is a global variable
-- and so cannot be bound by a lambda in body
Lam s body -> cpeRhsE (extendCorePrepEnv env s realWorldPrimId) body
_ -> cpeRhsE env (arg `App` Var realWorldPrimId)
cpeRhsE env expr@(App {}) = cpeApp env expr
......@@ -1161,12 +1157,12 @@ allLazyNested is_rec (Floats IfUnboxedOk _) = isNonRec is_rec
-- The environment
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
data CorePrepEnv = CPE {
cpe_dynFlags :: DynFlags,
cpe_env :: (IdEnv Id), -- Clone local Ids
cpe_mkIntegerId :: Id,
cpe_integerSDataCon :: Maybe DataCon
data CorePrepEnv
= CPE { cpe_dynFlags :: DynFlags
, cpe_env :: IdEnv Id -- Clone local Ids
, cpe_mkIntegerId :: Id
, cpe_integerSDataCon :: Maybe DataCon
lookupMkIntegerName :: DynFlags -> HscEnv -> IO Id
lookupMkIntegerName dflags hsc_env
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