1. 12 May, 2000 2 commits
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 11:56:35 by simonpj] · 9579283c
      simonpj authored
      Add support for 'packages'.
      * A package is a group of modules.
      * A package has a name (e.g. std)
      * A package is built into a single library (Unix; e.g. libHSstd.a)
                             or a single DLL     (Windows; e.g. HSstd.dll)
      * The '-package-name foo' flag tells GHC that the module being compiled
        is destined for package foo.
      * The '-package foo' flag tells GHC to make available modules
        from package 'foo'.  It replaces '-syslib foo' which is now deprecated.
      * Cross-package references cost an extra indirection in Windows,
        but not Unix
      * GHC does not maintain detailed cross-package dependency information.
        It does remember which modules in other packages the current module
        depends on, but not which things within those imported things.
      All of this tidies up the Prelude enormously.  The Prelude and
      Standard Libraries are built into a singl package called 'std'.  (This
      is a change; the library is now called libHSstd.a instead of libHS.a)
  8. 10 Apr, 2000 2 commits
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      [project @ 2000-04-10 16:49:15 by sewardj] · b70b5550
      sewardj authored
      When building way=u, merge cbits/*.o into ./libHS_cbits.u_o, for Hugs.
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      [project @ 2000-04-10 16:02:58 by simonpj] · a103a9dc
      simonpj authored
      Make it so that -fcompiling-prelude applies only
      for Prelude modules (i.e. ones called Prelxxx).
      I've done this with an {-# OPTIONS #-} line in each
      such module (they all has -fno-implicit-prelude anyway)
      but a less repetitive approach in the Makefile would
      be welcome.
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      [project @ 2000-01-13 14:33:57 by hwloidl] · 1b28d4e1
      hwloidl authored
      Merged GUM-4-04 branch into the main trunk. In particular merged GUM and
      SMP code. Most of the GranSim code in GUM-4-04 still has to be carried over.
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      [project @ 1999-12-08 10:10:59 by simonmar] · 9c569d63
      simonmar authored
      New make variable: $(WithNofibHc) which defines the Haskell compiler
      used to build nofib.
      Define $(GHC_INPLACE) in fptools/mk/config.mk.in.  $(WithNofibHc) is
      set to $(GHC_INPLACE) by default.
      Fix $(MKDEPENDHS) in ghc/lib/std/Makefile.
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      [project @ 1999-10-05 10:30:26 by simonmar] · 67fe852e
      simonmar authored
      Build System Cleanup
      This commit is intended to clear the way for automatic RPM building.
      In particular, the idea is that 'make install' doesn't build anything,
      so you can do
      	make install prefix=/some/tmp/prefix
      to install everything in /some/tmp/prefix, but leave the hardwired-in
      install directories the same.
      For scripts that depend on the install dir (currently just the GHC
      driver and mkdependHS), we now build two versions: <script>-inplace,
      which is used for running the script from the build tree, and
      <script>, which is the to-be-installed version.
      NOTE: binary distributions are now a little bit trickier to build.
      You *must* include the line "BIN_DIST=1" in your build.mk if you
      intend to make a binary distribution from the current build tree.
      This is because certain scripts have to be built differently, and we
      don't rebuild them when doing 'make binary-dist' anymore (since 'make
      binary-dist' just does a 'make install' with a re-targetted prefix,
      just like the RPM builder).
      Other changes
      	- the binary-dist machinery is now all in fptools/Makefile
      	- removed a gratuitous $(package)-$(version) level of
      	  directories from the binary distribution.
      	- binary distributions are now placed under the package
      	  name, rather than fptools/fptools.
      	- various other minor cleanups.
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      [project @ 1999-05-13 17:30:50 by simonm] · 589b7946
      simonm authored
      Support for "unregisterised" builds.  An unregisterised build doesn't
      use the assembly mangler, doesn't do tail jumping (uses the
      mini-interpreter), and doesn't use global register variables.
      Plenty of cleanups and bugfixes in the process.
      Add way 'u' to GhcLibWays to get unregisterised libs & RTS.
      [ note: not *quite* working fully yet... there's still a bug or two
        lurking ]
  29. 11 May, 1999 2 commits
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 17:05:43 by keithw] · 192b2bc9
      keithw authored
      Remove some comments left in by mistake.
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 16:47:39 by keithw] · eb407ca1
      keithw authored
      (this is number 9 of 9 commits to be applied together)
        Usage verification changes / ticky-ticky changes:
        We want to verify that SingleEntry thunks are indeed entered at most
        once.  In order to do this, -ticky / -DTICKY_TICKY turns on eager
        blackholing.  We blackhole with new blackholes: SE_BLACKHOLE and
        SE_CAF_BLACKHOLE.  We will enter one of these if we attempt to enter
        a SingleEntry thunk twice.  Note that CAFs are dealt with in by
        codeGen, and ordinary thunks by the RTS.
        We also want to see how many times we enter each Updatable thunk.
        To this end, we have modified -ticky.  When -ticky is on, we update
        with a permanent indirection, and arrange that when we enter a
        permanent indirection we count the entry and then convert the
        indirection to a normal indirection.  This gives us a means of
        counting the number of thunks entered again after the first entry.
        Obviously this screws up profiling, and so you can't build a ticky
        and profiling compiler any more.
        Also a few other changes that didn't make it into the previous 8
        commits, but form a part of this set.
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