Commit 95741ea1 authored by Pepe Iborra's avatar Pepe Iborra Committed by Marge Bot

Update to hie-bios 0.3.2 style program cradle

parent bd666766
......@@ -3,5 +3,7 @@
# When run, this program will output a list of arguments which are necessary to
# load the GHC library component into GHCi. The program is used by `ghcide` in
# order to automatically set up the correct GHC API session for a project.
echo $(TERM=dumb CABFLAGS=-v0 $PWD/hadrian/ tool-args -q --build-root=.hie-bios --flavour=ghc-in-ghci) -ighc ghc/Main.hs
TERM=dumb CABFLAGS=-v0 $PWD/hadrian/ tool-args -q --build-root=.hie-bios --flavour=ghc-in-ghci > $HIE_BIOS_OUTPUT
echo -ighc >> $HIE_BIOS_OUTPUT
echo "ghc/Main.hs" >> $HIE_BIOS_OUTPUT
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ toolArgsTarget = do
-- Find out the arguments that are needed to load a module into the
-- session
arg_list <- interpret fake_target getArgs
liftIO $ putStrLn (intercalate " " arg_list)
liftIO $ putStrLn (intercalate "\n" arg_list)
allStages :: [Stage]
allStages = [minBound .. maxBound]
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