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Document GMP build [skip ci]

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integer-gmp depends on the external GMP library ( The latter
provides a header ("gmp.h") and a library to link with.
Sadly we can't just put a ``extra-libraries: gmp`` field in the Cabal file because
``integer-gmp`` is a boot package that is part of GHC's *binary* distribution.
It means that it won't be rebuilt on each user platform. In particular it can be
used in an environment that doesn't provide GMP.
A solution would be to always link GMP statically with ``integer-gmp``, but:
1. GMP's license is LPGL while GHC's license is BSD
2. Cabal doesn't provide an easy way to build a Haskell library statically
linked with an external library.
So, we support the following configurations:
* Dynamically linked GMP
* Found in usual library paths
* Found in a specified library path
* Statically linked GMP ("in-tree GMP")
* Built by GHC's build system
As Cabal can't statically link an external library with a Haskell library,
GHC's build system uses a hack:
1. it builds libgmp.a
2. it extracts the objects (.o) from it
3. it passes these objects as "extra" objects when it links integer-gmp
Note that these objects must be built as position independent code (PIC) because
they end up being used in statically and dynamically linked code (cf #17799).
GHC's build system provides a ``configure`` script that can be used to setup how
GMP is linked:
.. code::
--with-gmp-includes directory containing gmp.h
--with-gmp-libraries directory containing gmp library
--with-intree-gmp force using the in-tree GMP
--with-gmp-framework-preferred on OSX, prefer the GMP framework to the gmp lib
These options are then used when integer-gmp package is configured: in the
.cabal file, we can see the field ``build-type: Configure``, meaning that the
``configure`` script in ``libraries/integer-gmp/`` is executed during the setup
phase of the package.
This script is responsible of creating ``integer-gmp.buildinfo`` (from
````). The fields contained in this file are
merged with the ones already defined in ``integer-gmp.cabal``.
When GMP is statically linked (in-tree build), a user of the integer-gmp package
can't have access to the "gmp.h" header file. So GHC's build system copies the
``ghc.h`` header from the in-tree build to ``integer-gmp/include/ghc-gmp.h``. As you
can see in ``integer-gmp.buildinfo[.in]``, ``ghc-gmp.h`` is installed as a
header (``install-includes`` field).
While the commit that introduced it (a9a0dd34dcdfb7309f57bda88435acca14ec54d5)
doesn't document it, it's probably to get access to other GMP functions.
Note that when in-tree GMP build isn't used, ``ghc-gmp.h`` only contains
``#include <gmp.h>``. Hence it imports the header from the HOST platform, which
may not be exactly the same as the one used on the BUILD platform to build the
integer-gmp package.
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