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Fix deep, dark corner of pattern synonyms

Trac #14552 showed a very obscure case where we can't infer a
good pattern-synonym type.

The error message is horrible, but at least we no longer crash
and burn.
parent 86ea3b1e
......@@ -91,6 +91,12 @@ tcInferPatSynDecl PSB{ psb_id = lname@(L _ name), psb_args = details,
univ_tvs = filterOut (`elemVarSet` ex_tv_set) qtvs
req_theta = map evVarPred req_dicts
-- See Note [Type variables whose kind is captured]
; let bad_tvs = [ tv | tv <- univ_tvs
, tyCoVarsOfType (tyVarKind tv)
`intersectsVarSet` ex_tv_set ]
; mapM_ (badUnivTv ex_tvs) bad_tvs
; prov_dicts <- mapM zonkId prov_dicts
; let filtered_prov_dicts = mkMinimalBySCs evVarPred prov_dicts
prov_theta = map evVarPred filtered_prov_dicts
......@@ -105,6 +111,19 @@ tcInferPatSynDecl PSB{ psb_id = lname@(L _ name), psb_args = details,
(map nlHsVar args, map idType args)
pat_ty rec_fields }
badUnivTv :: [TyVar] -> TyVar -> TcM ()
badUnivTv ex_tvs bad_tv
= addErrTc $
vcat [ text "Universal type variable" <+> quotes (ppr bad_tv)
<+> text "has existentially bound kind:"
, nest 2 (ppr_with_kind bad_tv)
, hang (text "Existentially-bound variables:")
2 (vcat (map ppr_with_kind ex_tvs))
, text "Probable fix: give the pattern synoym a type signature"
ppr_with_kind tv = ppr tv <+> dcolon <+> ppr (tyVarKind tv)
{- Note [Remove redundant provided dicts]
Recall that
......@@ -126,6 +145,37 @@ Similarly consider
The pattern (Bam x y) binds two (Ord a) dictionaries, but we only
need one. Agian mkMimimalWithSCs removes the redundant one.
Note [Type variables whose kind is captured]
data AST a = Sym [a]
class Prj s where { prj :: [a] -> Maybe (s a)
pattern P x <= Sym (prj -> Just x)
Here we get a matcher with this type
$mP :: forall s a. Prj s => AST a -> (s a -> r) -> r -> r
No problem. But note that 's' is not fixed by the type of the
pattern (AST a), nor is it existentially bound. It's really only
fixed by the type of the continuation.
Trac #14552 showed that this can go wrong if the kind of 's' mentions
existentially bound variables. We obviously can't make a type like
$mP :: forall (s::k->*) a. Prj s => AST a -> (forall k. s a -> r)
-> r -> r
But neither is 's' itself existentially bound, so the forall (s::k->*)
can't go in the inner forall either. (What would the matcher apply
the continuation to?)
So we just fail in this case, with a pretty terrible error message.
Maybe we could do better, but I can't see how. (It'd be possible to
default 's' to (Any k), but that probably isn't what the user wanted,
and it not straightforward to implement, because by the time we see
the problem, simplifyInfer has already skolemised 's'.)
This stuff can only happen in the presence of view patterns, with
TypeInType, so it's a bit of a corner case.
tcCheckPatSynDecl :: PatSynBind GhcRn GhcRn
{-# Language RankNTypes, ViewPatterns, PatternSynonyms, TypeOperators, ScopedTypeVariables,
KindSignatures, PolyKinds, DataKinds, TypeFamilies, TypeInType, GADTs #-}
module T14552 where
import Data.Kind
import Data.Proxy
data family Sing a
type a --> b = (a, b) -> Type
type family F (f::a --> b) (x::a) :: b
newtype Limit :: (k --> Type) -> Type where
Limit :: (forall xx. Proxy xx -> F f xx) -> Limit f
data Exp :: [Type] -> Type -> Type where
TLam :: (forall aa. Proxy aa -> Exp xs (F w aa))
-> Exp xs (Limit w)
pattern FOO f <- TLam (($ Proxy) -> f)
TLam :: forall (xs::[Type]) (b::Type). -- Universal
forall k (w :: k --> Type). -- Existential
(b ~ Limit w) =>
=> (forall (aa :: k). Proxy aa -> Exp xs (F w aa))
-> Exp xs b
mfoo :: Exp xs b
-> (forall k (w :: k --> Type).
(b ~ Limit w)
=> Exp xs (F w aa)
-> r)
-> r
mfoo scrut k = case srcut of
TLam g -> k (g Proxy)
T14552.hs:22:9: error:
• Universal type variable ‘aa’ has existentially bound kind:
aa :: k
Existentially-bound variables:
k :: *
w :: k --> *
Probable fix: give the pattern synoym a type signature
• In the declaration for pattern synonym ‘FOO’
......@@ -40,3 +40,4 @@ test('T14112', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('T14114', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('T14380', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('T14498', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('T14552', normal, compile_fail, [''])
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