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expand/fix comment about x86-64 registers

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......@@ -332,10 +332,24 @@ fake5 = regSingle 21
AMD x86_64 architecture:
- Registers 0-16 have 32-bit counterparts (eax, ebx etc.)
- Registers 0-7 have 16-bit counterparts (ax, bx etc.)
- Registers 0-3 have 8 bit counterparts (ah, bh etc.)
- All 16 integer registers are addressable as 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit values:
8 16 32 64
al ax eax rax
bl bx ebx rbx
cl cx ecx rcx
dl dx edx rdx
sil si esi rsi
dil si edi rdi
bpl bp ebp rbp
spl sp esp rsp
r10b r10w r10d r10
r11b r11w r11d r11
r12b r12w r12d r12
r13b r13w r13d r13
r14b r14w r14d r14
r15b r15w r15d r15
rax, rbx, rcx, rdx, rsp, rbp, rsi, rdi,
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