Commit 0ef63546 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 2002-02-18 16:28:39 by sof]

Filter out _stub.c gubbins from C_SRCS
parent 6682da21
......@@ -166,7 +166,10 @@ EXCLUDED_DERIVED_SRCS = $(patsubst %.hsc, %.hs, $(EXCLUDED_HSC_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.y, %.hs, $(EXCLUDED_HAPPY_Y_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst, %.hs, $(EXCLUDED_HAPPY_LY_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.hs, %.hc, $(EXCLUDED_HS_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.lhs, %.hc, $(EXCLUDED_LHS_SRCS))
$(patsubst %.lhs, %.hc, $(EXCLUDED_LHS_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.hs, %_stub.c, $(EXCLUDED_HS_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.lhs, %_stub.c, $(EXCLUDED_LHS_SRCS))
# Exclude _hsc.c files; they get built as part of the cbits library,
# not part of the main library
......@@ -181,7 +184,13 @@ HS_IFACES = $(addsuffix .$(way_)hi,$(basename $(HS_SRCS)))
HSC_C_OBJS = $(addsuffix _hsc.$(way_)o,$(basename $(filter %.hsc,$(SRCS))))
C_SRCS = $(filter %.c,$(SRCS))
# Always remove $(EXCLUDED_C_SRCS) from C_SRCS
EXCLUDED_C_SRCS = $(patsubst %.lhs, %_stub.c, $(HS_SRCS)) \
$(patsubst %.hs, %_stub.c, $(HS_SRCS))
C_SRCS = $(filter-out $(EXCLUDED_C_SRCS),$(filter %.c,$(SRCS)))
C_OBJS = $(addsuffix .$(way_)o,$(basename $(C_SRCS)))
# SCRIPT_SRCS: list of raw script files (in literate form)
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