Commit 36a1c46f authored by Austin Seipp's avatar Austin Seipp Committed by Ben Gamari
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rts/linker: make an error msg a debug msg

This fixes more testsuite failures on Windows.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>
parent 77eba27f
......@@ -4051,8 +4051,9 @@ lookupSymbolInDLLs ( UChar *lbl )
ret->addr = sym;
ret->next = indirects;
indirects = ret;
errorBelch("warning: %s from %S is linked instead of %s",
(char*)(lbl+6), o_dll->name, (char*)lbl);
debugBelch("warning: %s from %S is linked instead of %s",
(char*)(lbl+6), o_dll->name, (char*)lbl));
return (void*) & ret->addr;
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