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[project @ 2002-02-13 10:39:36 by simonpj]

	dosifyPath before opening files

If you call
	hsc2hs foo/baz

you get the amazing response:

	'foo' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
	operable program or batch file.

On the other hand
	hsc2hs foo\baz

works fine.  Solution: call dosifyPath before opening or writing the file.

Somehow we should make it less easy to trip up when doing file I/O on
Windows.  And provide a library of path-manipulation primitives.
parent e289780e
-- $Id: Main.hs,v 1.36 2002/02/12 15:17:24 simonmar Exp $
-- $Id: Main.hs,v 1.37 2002/02/13 10:39:36 simonpj Exp $
-- Program for converting .hsc files to .hs files, by converting the
-- file into a C program which is run to generate the Haskell source.
......@@ -93,15 +93,26 @@ main = do
processFile :: [Flag] -> String -> IO ()
processFile flags name = do
s <- readFile name
processFile flags name
= do let file_name = dosifyPath name
s <- readFile file_name
case parser of
Parser p -> case p (SourcePos name 1) s of
Success _ _ _ toks -> output flags name toks
Parser p -> case p (SourcePos file_name 1) s of
Success _ _ _ toks -> output flags file_name toks
Failure (SourcePos name' line) msg -> do
putStrLn (name'++":"++show line++": "++msg)
-- Convert paths foo/baz to foo\baz on Windows
#if defined(mingw32_TARGET_OS)
subst a b ls = map (\ x -> if x == a then b else x) ls
dosifyPath xs = subst '/' '\\' xs
dosifyPath xs = xs
-- A deterministic parser which remembers the text which has been parsed.
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