Commit ef421899 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by pcapriotti
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Fix missing case in coVarsOfTcCo

Reported by Ganesh, Trac #7178.  Fix is easy.

MERGED from commit a0788a8b
parent 8a512082
......@@ -245,11 +245,9 @@ coVarsOfTcCo tc_co
go (TcLetCo {}) = emptyVarSet -- Harumph. This does legitimately happen in the call
-- to evVarsOfTerm in the DEBUG check of setEvBind
-- We expect only coercion bindings
-- We expect only coercion bindings, so use evTermCoercion
go_bind :: EvBind -> VarSet
go_bind (EvBind _ (EvCoercion co)) = go co
go_bind (EvBind _ (EvId v)) = unitVarSet v
go_bind other = pprPanic "coVarsOfTcCo:Bind" (ppr other)
go_bind (EvBind _ tm) = go (evTermCoercion tm)
get_bndrs :: Bag EvBind -> VarSet
get_bndrs = foldrBag (\ (EvBind b _) bs -> extendVarSet bs b) emptyVarSet
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