Commit f405fb59 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-02-13 14:52:43 by simonmar]

Catch up with Haskell 98 revisions: allow sections like (++ x ++ y)
and (3 + 4 +).
parent 726258fc
......@@ -343,13 +343,13 @@ rnExpr (HsPar e)
rnExpr section@(SectionL expr op)
= rnExpr expr `thenRn` \ (expr', fvs_expr) ->
rnExpr op `thenRn` \ (op', fvs_op) ->
checkSectionPrec "left" section op' expr' `thenRn_`
checkSectionPrec InfixL section op' expr' `thenRn_`
returnRn (SectionL expr' op', fvs_op `plusFV` fvs_expr)
rnExpr section@(SectionR op expr)
= rnExpr op `thenRn` \ (op', fvs_op) ->
rnExpr expr `thenRn` \ (expr', fvs_expr) ->
checkSectionPrec "right" section op' expr' `thenRn_`
checkSectionPrec InfixR section op' expr' `thenRn_`
returnRn (SectionR op' expr', fvs_op `plusFV` fvs_expr)
rnExpr (HsCCall fun args may_gc is_casm _)
......@@ -790,19 +790,22 @@ checkPrec op pat right
= returnRn ()
-- Check precedence of (arg op) or (op arg) respectively
-- If arg is itself an operator application, its precedence should
-- be higher than that of op
checkSectionPrec left_or_right section op arg
-- If arg is itself an operator application, then either
-- (a) its precedence must be higher than that of op
-- (b) its precedency & associativity must be the same as that of op
checkSectionPrec direction section op arg
= case arg of
OpApp _ op fix _ -> go_for_it (ppr_op op) fix
NegApp _ _ -> go_for_it pp_prefix_minus negateFixity
other -> returnRn ()
HsVar op_name = op
go_for_it pp_arg_op arg_fix@(Fixity arg_prec _)
go_for_it pp_arg_op arg_fix@(Fixity arg_prec assoc)
= lookupFixityRn op_name `thenRn` \ op_fix@(Fixity op_prec _) ->
checkRn (op_prec < arg_prec)
(sectionPrecErr (ppr_op op_name, op_fix) (pp_arg_op, arg_fix) section)
checkRn (op_prec < arg_prec
|| op_prec == arg_prec && direction == assoc)
(sectionPrecErr (ppr_op op_name, op_fix)
(pp_arg_op, arg_fix) section)
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