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    [project @ 2001-12-12 18:12:45 by sewardj] · 0b447a84
    sewardj authored
    Make the sparc native code generator work again after recent
    primop hackery.
    * Track the change from PrimOp to MachOp at the Stix level.
    * Teach the sparc insn selector how to generate 64-bit code.
    * Fix various bogons in sparc {Int,Double,Float} <-> {Int,Double,Float}
      conversions which only happened to generate correct code by
      accident, so far.
    * Synthesise BaseReg from &MainCapability.r on archs which do not
      have BaseReg in a regiser (eg sparc :)
    At the moment {add,sub,mul}Int# are not implemented.  To be fixed.