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    [project @ 2005-08-03 10:42:53 by simonmar] · 34495a28
    simonmar authored
    Fix the location of _stub.o files when compiling with -odir.  The
    comment from the source:
    -- The _stub.c file is derived from the haskell source file (but stored
    -- in hscStubCOutName in the dflags for some reason, probably historical).
    -- Consequently, we derive the _stub.o filename from the haskell object
    -- filename.
    -- This isn't necessarily the same as the object filename we
    -- would get if we just compiled the _stub.c file using the pipeline.
    -- For example:
    --    ghc src/A.hs -odir obj
    -- results in obj/A.o, and src/A_stub.c.  If we compile src/A_stub.c with
    -- -odir obj, we would get obj/src/A_stub.o, which is wrong; we want
    -- obj/A_stub.o.
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