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    FIX #903: mkWWcpr: not a product · 3b1438a9
    Simon Marlow authored
    This fixes the long-standing bug that prevents some code with
    mutally-recursive modules from being compiled with --make and -O,
    including GHC itself.  See the comments for details.
    There are some additional cleanups that were forced/enabled by this
    patch: I removed importedSrcLoc/importedSrcSpan: it wasn't adding any
    useful information, since a Name already contains its defining Module.
    In fact when re-typechecking an interface file we were wrongly
    replacing the interesting SrcSpans in the Names with boring
    importedSrcSpans, which meant that location information could degrade
    after reloading modules.  Also, recreating all these Names was a waste
    of space/time.