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    ticky enhancements · 460abd75
    nfrisby authored
      * the new StgCmmArgRep module breaks a dependency cycle; I also
        untabified it, but made no real changes
      * updated the documentation in the wiki and change the user guide to
        point there
      * moved the allocation enters for ticky and CCS to after the heap check
        * I left LDV where it was, which was before the heap check at least
          once, since I have no idea what it is
      * standardized all (active?) ticky alloc totals to bytes
      * in order to avoid double counting StgCmmLayout.adjustHpBackwards
        no longer bumps ALLOC_HEAP_ctr
      * I resurrected the SLOW_CALL counters
        * the new module StgCmmArgRep breaks cyclic dependency between
          Layout and Ticky (which the SLOW_CALL counters cause)
        * renamed them SLOW_CALL_fast_<pattern> and VERY_SLOW_CALL
      * added ALLOC_RTS_ctr and _tot ticky counters
        * eg allocation by Storage.c:allocate or a BUILD_PAP in stg_ap_*_info
        * resurrected ticky counters for ALLOC_THK, ALLOC_PAP, and
        * added -ticky and -DTICKY_TICKY in ways.mk for debug ways
      * added a ticky counter for total LNE entries
      * new flags for ticky: -ticky-allocd -ticky-dyn-thunk -ticky-LNE
        * all off by default
        * -ticky-allocd: tracks allocation *of* closure in addition to
           allocation *by* that closure
        * -ticky-dyn-thunk tracks dynamic thunks as if they were functions
        * -ticky-LNE tracks LNEs as if they were functions
      * updated the ticky report format, including making the argument
        categories (more?) accurate again
      * the printed name for things in the report include the unique of
        their ticky parent as well as if they are not top-level
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