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    Use -X for language extensions · 5e05865d
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    We've often talked about having a separate flag for language extensions,
    and now we have one. You can say
    as you like.  These replace the "-f" flags with similar names (though
    the -f prefix will serve as a synonym for -X for a while).  
    There's an optional "=", and the flag is normalised by removing hyphens
    and lower-casing, so all the above variants mean the same thing.
    The nomenclature is intended to match the LANGUAGE pramgas, which are
    defined by Cabal.  So you can also say
    	{-# LANGUAGE ImplicitParams #-}
    But Cabal doesn't have as many language options as GHC does, so the -X
    things are a superset of the LANGUAGE things.
    The optional "=" applies to all flags that take an argument, so you can,
    for example, say
    I hope that's ok.  (It's an unforced change; just fitted in.)
    I hope we'll add more -X flags, to replace the portmanteau -fglasgow-exts 
    which does everything!  
    I have updated the manual, but doubtless missed something.
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