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    First batch of file additions for cross-compiler: · 6ae696a1
    Gabor Greif authored
    	new file:   ghc/ghc-cross.wrapper
    	new file:   includes/mkDerivedConstants.cross.awk
    	new file:   includes/mkSizeMacros.cross.awk
    	new file:   rules/cross-compiling.mk
    These are expected to sit quietly in the tree until
    the rest of the machinery matures on an (upcoming)
    branch. Reviews will begin to make sense as soon as
    that has happened. Anyway, comments are welcome. See
    for background.
    Disclaimer: these source files are not (yet) up to the
                quality standards set by the rest of the tree.
    Cleanups, move-arounds and rewrites (i.e. .awk -> .hs), as
    well as additional comments and documentation will happen
    as soon as the basic functionality of a cross-compiler is
    working reliably.
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