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    [project @ 2001-03-26 12:28:15 by simonmar] · 7d6569fb
    Simon Marlow authored
    Simplify the foreign-export stub processing.
      - DynFlags now has fields for the stub.h and stub.c filenames, for
        consistency with the normal hsc output file name.
      - codeOutput puts the stubs into these files rather than dreaming
        up new temporary names for them
      - now we don't have to move the stubs into the right place in
      - we do however have to inject the correct #includes into the stub.c
        file when it is generated: I'm now injecting the same includes as
        the .hc file gets plus "RtsAPI.h", which is probably more correct
        than the hacky hardcoded "Stg.h" we had before.