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    [project @ 2001-10-26 11:53:34 by sewardj] · 9551c28b
    Julian Seward authored
    merge from stable, revs:
   +12 -11    fptools/ghc/compiler/nativeGen/MachCode.lhs  +23 -0     fptools/ghc/compiler/nativeGen/Stix.lhs  +2 -5      fptools/ghc/compiler/nativeGen/StixPrim.lhs
      Route all NCG panics to do with missing primop implementations and any
      other panic which could be caused by compiling legitimate sources
      through the function Stix.ncgPrimopMoan.  This emits a helpful message
      explaining what has happened, advises the use of -fvia-C as a
      workaround, and says please mail us.