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    New flag +RTS -qi<n>, avoid waking up idle Capabilities to do parallel GC · a02eb298
    Simon Marlow authored
    This is an experimental tweak to the parallel GC that avoids waking up
    a Capability to do parallel GC if we know that the capability has been
    idle for a (tunable) number of GC cycles.  The idea is that if you're
    only using a few Capabilities, there's no point waking up the ones
    that aren't busy.
    e.g. +RTS -qi3
    says "A Capability will participate in parallel GC if it was running
    at all since the last 3 GC cycles."
    Results are a bit hit and miss, and I don't completely understand why
    yet.  Hence, for now it is turned off by default, and also not
    documented except in the +RTS -? output.
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