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    make the smp way RTS-only, normal libraries now work with -smp · beb5737b
    Simon Marlow authored
    We had to bite the bullet here and add an extra word to every thunk,
    to enable running ordinary libraries on SMP.  Otherwise, we would have
    needed to ship an extra set of libraries with GHC 6.6 in addition to
    the two sets we already ship (normal + profiled), and all Cabal
    packages would have to be compiled for SMP too.  We decided it best
    just to take the hit now, making SMP easily accessible to everyone in
    GHC 6.6.
    Incedentally, although this increases allocation by around 12% on
    average, the performance hit is around 5%, and much less if your inner
    loop doesn't use any laziness.
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