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    [project @ 2005-01-20 14:22:19 by simonmar] · c830ae13
    simonmar authored
    Fill in the haddock-interfaces and haddock-html fields in the
    package.conf files.
    To do this I had to make some changes:
      - haddock-interfaces requires the value of $(datadir).  We can't
        just plug this in, because $(datadir) might change at install-time
        (eg. a Windows installer can be placed anywhere, as can a Unix
        binary .tar.gz distribution).  The current trick is for the
        compiler to splice in the value of $libdir in package.conf at
        runtime.  So we could extend this mechanism and tell the compiler
        the value of $datadir via a command-line option, but that seems
        On Windows, $datadir==$libdir, so we don't need any changes:
        package.conf still uses $libdir, and a Windows installation is
        independent of its absolute location.  Even 'make install' on
        Windows should have this property.
        On Unix:
    	- for 'make install' and in-place execution, we just use
              absolute paths in package.conf
    	- for a binary dist, we generate a package.conf that refers
    	  to $libdir and $datadir, and splice in the values at
    	  install-time (distrib/Makefile-bin.in).
      - Also, I renamed $libdir to $topdir to more closely reflect its
        actual meaning.  This is somewhat malicious in that it will flush
        out all those clients using $libdir when they really shouldn't
        be :-)