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    Rename all of the 'cmmz' flags and make them more consistent. · f6f881f0
    mad.one@gmail.com authored
    There's only a single compiler backend now, so the 'z' suffix means
    nothing. Also, the flags were confusingly named ('cmm-foo' vs
    'foo-cmm',) and counter-intuitively, '-ddump-cmm' did not do at all what
    you expected since the new backend went live.
    Basically, all of the -ddump-cmmz-* flags are now -ddump-cmm-*. Some were
    renamed to be more consistent.
    This doesn't update the manual; it already mentions '-ddump-cmm' and
    that flag implies all the others anyway, which is probably what you
    Signed-off-by: mad.one@gmail.com's avatarAustin Seipp <mad.one@gmail.com>
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