Commit 0602c047 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj

[project @ 2002-09-10 11:38:11 by simonpj]

Remove redundant debug printing
parent fd8cd978
......@@ -270,18 +270,18 @@ dmdAnal sigs dmd (Let (NonRec id rhs) body)
(body_ty1, id2) = annotateBndr body_ty id1
body_ty2 = addLazyFVs body_ty1 lazy_fv
#ifdef DEBUG
-- If the actual demand is better than the vanilla
-- demand, we might do better to re-analyse with the
-- stronger demand.
(let vanilla_dmd = vanillaCall (idArity id)
actual_dmd = idNewDemandInfo id2
if actual_dmd `betterDemand` vanilla_dmd && actual_dmd /= vanilla_dmd then
pprTrace "dmdLet: better demand" (ppr id <+> vcat [text "vanilla" <+> ppr vanilla_dmd,
text "actual" <+> ppr actual_dmd])
else \x -> x)
-- If the actual demand is better than the vanilla call
-- demand, you might think that we might do better to re-analyse
-- the RHS with the stronger demand.
-- But (a) That seldom happens, because it means that *every* path in
-- the body of the let has to use that stronger demand
-- (b) It often happens temporarily in when fixpointing, because
-- the recursive function at first seems to place a massive demand.
-- But we don't want to go to extra work when the function will
-- probably iterate to something less demanding.
-- In practice, all the times the actual demand on id2 is more than
-- the vanilla call demand seem to be due to (b). So we don't
-- bother to re-analyse the RHS.
(body_ty2, Let (NonRec id2 rhs') body')
dmdAnal sigs dmd (Let (Rec pairs) body)
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