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......@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ are annotated <literal>[Win32 only]</literal> and are commented below.</para>
<para><filename>$(libdir)</filename> also contains support
binaries. These are <emphasis>not</emphasis> expected to be
on the user's <filename>PATH</filename>, but and are invoked
on the user's <filename>PATH</filename>, but are invoked
directly by GHC. In the Makefile system, this directory is
also called <filename>$(libexecdir)</filename>, but
<emphasis>you are not free to change it</emphasis>. It must
......@@ -507,11 +507,11 @@ with the Win32 distribution of GHC. </para>
<para>The support programs <filename>ghc-split</filename>
and <filename>ghc-asm</filename> are Perl scripts. The
first line says <literal>#!/bin/perl</literal>; on Unix, the
first line says <literal>#!/usr/bin/perl</literal>; on Unix, the
script is indeed invoked as a shell script, which invokes
Perl; on Windows, GHC invokes
<filename>$(libdir)/perl.exe</filename> directly, which
treats the <literal>#!/bin/perl</literal> as a comment.
treats the <literal>#!/usr/bin/perl</literal> as a comment.
Reason: on Windows we want to invoke the Perl distributed
with GHC, rather than assume some installed one. </para>
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