Commit 0a5e4c64 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Fix a nasty bug in the canonicaliser which was failing

to emit kind constraints when decomposing an application.
Resulting code is actually shorter!
parent 94496fce
......@@ -856,24 +856,21 @@ canEq d fl eqv ty1 ty2
if (tc1 /= tc2 || length tys1 /= length tys2)
-- Fail straight away for better error messages
then canEqFailure d fl eqv
else do {
let (kis1, tys1') = span isKind tys1
(_kis2, tys2') = span isKind tys2
kicos = map mkTcReflCo kis1
else do
{ argeqvs <- zipWithM (newEqVar fl) tys1 tys2
; argeqvs <- zipWithM (newEqVar fl) tys1' tys2'
; fls <- case fl of
Wanted {} ->
do { _ <- setEqBind eqv
(mkTcTyConAppCo tc1 (kicos ++ map (mkTcCoVarCo . evc_the_evvar) argeqvs)) fl
(mkTcTyConAppCo tc1 (map (mkTcCoVarCo . evc_the_evvar) argeqvs)) fl
; return (map (\_ -> fl) argeqvs) }
Given {} ->
let do_one argeqv n = setEqBind (evc_the_evvar argeqv)
(mkTcNthCo n (mkTcCoVarCo eqv)) fl
in zipWithM do_one argeqvs [(length kicos)..]
in zipWithM do_one argeqvs [0..]
Derived {} -> return (map (\_ -> fl) argeqvs)
; canEqEvVarsCreated d fls argeqvs tys1' tys2' }
; canEqEvVarsCreated d fls argeqvs tys1 tys2 }
-- See Note [Equality between type applications]
-- Note [Care with type applications] in TcUnify
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