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Add missing extendSubst

Oops -- missed this from previous commit; sorry
parent 44d4bf2c
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ module CoreSubst (
emptySubst, mkEmptySubst, mkSubst, substInScope, isEmptySubst,
extendIdSubst, extendIdSubstList, extendTvSubst, extendTvSubstList,
extendSubstList, zapSubstEnv,
extendSubst, extendSubstList, zapSubstEnv,
extendInScope, extendInScopeList, extendInScopeIds,
......@@ -172,12 +172,13 @@ extendTvSubstList :: Subst -> [(TyVar,Type)] -> Subst
extendTvSubstList (Subst in_scope ids tvs) prs = Subst in_scope ids (extendVarEnvList tvs prs)
extendSubstList :: Subst -> [(Var,CoreArg)] -> Subst
extendSubstList subst []
= subst
extendSubstList (Subst in_scope ids tvs) ((tv,Type ty):prs)
= ASSERT( isTyVar tv ) extendSubstList (Subst in_scope ids (extendVarEnv tvs tv ty)) prs
extendSubstList (Subst in_scope ids tvs) ((id,expr):prs)
= ASSERT( isId id ) extendSubstList (Subst in_scope (extendVarEnv ids id expr) tvs) prs
extendSubstList subst [] = subst
extendSubstList subst ((var,rhs):prs) = extendSubstList (extendSubst subst var rhs) prs
extendSubst (Subst in_scope ids tvs) tv (Type ty)
= ASSERT( isTyVar tv ) Subst in_scope ids (extendVarEnv tvs tv ty)
extendSubst (Subst in_scope ids tvs) id expr
= ASSERT( isId id ) Subst in_scope (extendVarEnv ids id expr) tvs
lookupIdSubst :: Subst -> Id -> CoreExpr
lookupIdSubst (Subst in_scope ids tvs) v
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