Commit 14a78707 authored by Artem Pyanykh's avatar Artem Pyanykh Committed by Marge Bot

docs: add a note about changes in memset unrolling to 8.10.1-notes

parent bd2de4f0
......@@ -61,6 +61,11 @@ Compiler
:ghc-flag:`-Wredundant-record-wildcards` which warn users when they have
redundant or unused uses of a record wildcard match.
- Calls to `memset` are now unrolled more aggressively and the
produced code is more efficient on `x86_64` with added support for
64-bit `MOV`s. In particular, `setByteArray#` calls that were not
optimized before, now will be. See :ghc-ticket:`16052`.
Runtime system
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