Commit 19680ee5 authored by Niklas Hambüchen's avatar Niklas Hambüchen Committed by Ben Gamari

8.10 Release notes for --disable-delayed-os-memory-return [skip ci]

parent d53e81c0
......@@ -243,6 +243,21 @@ Runtime system
configure ``EventLogWriters``, allowing eventlog data to fed to sinks other
than ``.eventlog`` files.
- A new ``+RTS`` flag ``--disable-delayed-os-memory-return`` was added to make
for accurate resident memory usage of the program as shown in memory
usage reporting tools (e.g. the ``RSS`` column in ``top`` and ``htop``).
This makes it easier to check the real memory usage of Haskell programs.
Using this new flag is expected to make the program slightly slower.
Without this flag, the (Linux) RTS returns unused memory "lazily" to the OS.
This has making the memory available to other processes while also allowing
the RTS to re-use the memory very efficiently (without zeroing pages) in case
it needs it again, but common tools will incorrectly show such memory as
occupied by the RTS (because they do not process the ``LazyFree`` field in
Template Haskell
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