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Add a comment about why we use nextWrapperNum rather than a unique

parent f5e53165
......@@ -772,13 +772,25 @@ mkWrapperName :: (MonadIO m, HasDynFlags m, HasModule m)
mkWrapperName what nameBase
= do dflags <- getDynFlags
thisMod <- getModule
let wrapperRef = nextWrapperNum dflags
let -- Note [Generating fresh names for ccall wrapper]
wrapperRef = nextWrapperNum dflags
pkg = packageIdString (modulePackageId thisMod)
mod = moduleNameString (moduleName thisMod)
wrapperNum <- liftIO $ readIORef wrapperRef
liftIO $ writeIORef wrapperRef (wrapperNum + 1)
let components = [what, show wrapperNum, pkg, mod, nameBase]
return $ mkFastString $ zEncodeString $ intercalate ":" components
Note [Generating fresh names for FFI wrappers]
We used to use a unique, rather than nextWrapperNum, to distinguish
between FFI wrapper functions. However, the wrapper names that we
generate are external names. This means that if a call to them ends up
in an unfolding, then we can't alpha-rename them, and thus if the
unique randomly changes from one compile to another then we get a
spurious ABI change (#4012).
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